Yellow or blue? How lighting affects the flight experience.

We won’t leave you in the dark.

Have you ever walked into a place where you experienced your environment with greater intensity? You responded more strongly to the ambiance and were more sensitive to certain stimuli: your favorite drink tasted richer, and your favorite meal was more flavorful. You even felt a little warmer. But how is that possible? The way you perceive things was changed by something that has always been a part of your life. Something that can’t be touched.

The answer is: Light!

Imagine all the possibilities that arise from stimulating customers with lighting. Now imagine the effect light can have on passengers in an aircraft. With people flying more frequently and traveling longer distances, knowing how light can improve a customer’s flight experience is crucial.

It might now be possible to refresh tired passengers, induce a deeper sleep, and reduce jet lag.

Diehl Aerosystems‘ top priority was to use lighting as a tool to improve a customer’s flight experience. Eager designers and innovative engineers worked tirelessly on project Dandelion: Diehl’s answer to the question of how to improve lighting in aircraft.

Be enlightened and find out how Dandelion can benefit both the passenger and the airline. And no more puns, we promise.


“A light without shadow generates an emotion without reserve.”

Roland Barthes


How does Dandelion work?

We mentioned the eager designers and innovative engineers before, right?
Diehl Aerosystems developed the idea of


Scalable system

The image at the projection area is composed of several light sources. This allows us to adjust the illuminated area to the desired size. The system is also capable of equalizing vibration to project a sharp, clean image.

Smart integration of hardware into the lining

The technology is invisible and doesn’t interfere with the overall cabin impression.

Full integration into the Cabin Management System (CMS)

Maybe you remember the Smart Galley and its super smart “brain”. The projection system is fully integrated, and the crew can start scenes by simply pressing a button on the flight.

Passenger well-being

Most aircraft cabins are illuminated with white light that is adjusted to flight phases by dimming. It’s quite boring, and there’s nothing special about it. But what if we improved the appearance of the cabin with pictures and even moving images? It was tricky at first, but by combining our expertise in cabin engineering and the great technical potential a cabin has to offer, airlines and manufacturers have access to a broad range of designs. At this point, there’s no limit to creativity. According to a study from the German Space Centre for Aviation and Space Psychology, the participants’ physiological well-being differed depending on the color of the lighting. While yellow lighting made them feel sleepier, blue lighting induced a feeling of improved concentration and readiness without causing artificial stress. It is assumed that the color blue suppresses the “sleep hormone” melatonin. Furthermore, the blue lighting made the study’s participants perceive the air quality as higher and fresher.

Information vividly displayed

Everyone knows the struggles of boarding. Boarding is a hassle for both passengers and crew. As soon as you step inside the airplane, you have to find your seat, which is marked by some small numbers. Once you’ve found your seat, it is often occupied by another passenger who obviously couldn’t figure out the chronological order of the seats in the row. During the ensuing discussion whether the window seat is “A” or “C”, you lose the luggage space directly above your seat to someone else. Now you have to go and find luggage space as well. After struggling to stow your luggage, you return to your seat. You know that the safety instructions will commence shortly and you get preemptively bored: the two minutes of safety instructions feel like an hour of lecture, simply because of the way they are presented.

Now imagine the following scenario: You board the airplane and spot your seat immediately because of the lit indicators. A green light is used to indicate free luggage space, which you gladly use. No more confused passengers causing a jam in the aisle. Even the tiresome safety instructions now appeal to you thanks to the new way in which they are presented. While you relax in your seat under the yellow light, you can study the flight information in the moving pictures on the ceiling. They even present information relevant to your destination in Las Vegas.

A new level of product advertisement

Have you ever heard of captive audience marketing? In this day and age, the opportunity to get and hold someone’s attention is invaluable. Captive audience marketing describes advertisement in places where the audience has no choice but to look at it because it is hard to shift the attention away. An aircraft has one of the highest captive audience marketing capabilities. Corporate videos, in-flight shopping, drinks and meals, flight offers, and destination marketing (sight seeing, theaters, hotels, bars) can be displayed through the Dandelion system simply with the push of a button.

High-quality interior makes the difference

Imagine you buy a film for your Saturday movie night with your partner. That Blue-Ray is in Ultra High Definition, you only want the best, after all. But the moment the movie starts, you realize that your TV doesn’t support Ultra HD. Sure, it doesn’t look bad, but “not bad” isn’t the same as ultra high-quality resolution.

To avoid passengers having a similarly disappointing experience, Diehl Aerosystems developed a special cabin interior with a projection display quality that is unmatched to date. The combination of projection and cabin interiors makes the difference. Diehl Aerosystems uses selected materials with minimal tolerances and clearances to create the highest quality cabin interiors, which in turn provide the best surfaces for projection.

The projectors themselves are invisible to the passengers. Diehl Aerosystem’s expertise in making the most of limited space allows them to employ creative solutions. They use silent, high-quality electronics that require minimal space to get the best results. Simplicity is king: Diehl Aerosystems can support everything with plug & play solutions.