Making branding an experience.

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Imagine: It is Wednesday morning and you are sitting in the airport lounge, waiting for departure. You take a last sip of your hot coffee, enter the aircraft and greet the friendly smiling cabin crew.

You walk eagerly towards the fuselage. Your eyes catch a play of bright colours. You feel comfortable, the new sight appeals to you. Realizing that the overhead compartments and the side walls display an advert, you search for your seat.

At the second glimpse you discover that the new campaign of airbnb is being displayed. Finding your seat in the middle, you stow your luggage and sit down. While fastening your seat belt, you notice a large picture with the wording “tasty & fresh”. A thought comes up: “actually, I’m quite hungry, I have rushed through my breakfast this morning”. The flight attendant serves a rich breakfast, while you are checking airbnb offers for a weekend trip on your mobile phone.


Diehl Aerosystems brought this scenario into reality. The designers and engineers at Diehl paved the way for the future of aircraft interiors. Through Direct Digital Printing, Diehl Aerosystems created a whole new platform for individualizing, advertising, branding, and designing on the cabins’ side walls and overhead compartments.

4 reasons why any airline and
manufacturer should use this now:


Individualize your cabin

Create your very own cabin interior and display the passenger something very unique. Nothing is more recognizable than an interior with a distinctive design. Stand out from your competitors and define yourself completely new. Show your brand proudly in any way possible.

Additional profit through advert placement

James Bond and Aston Martin: Placing something which seeks the passenger’s attention, is crucial. Many companies are ready to invest more money in these kinds of innovative ad-placement possibilities. This allows additional profit with less effort. Sounds great, right?

Promote your products, services, or events

But instead of placing advertisements on overhead compartments and side walls, it would be a great opportunity to go ahead and promote your own business. You have a special customer loyalty program? Want to promote a special event for off-season flights? Go ahead. Unfold yourself. Using the touch points for advertisement inside the aircraft will boost your sales.

Create the perfect cabin atmosphere

There are other ways to appeal to your passengers instead of advertising. Synchronize pictures, patterns and colours on the cabin walls and overhead compartments with your seats, linings and monuments. Make the passengers feel comfortable when they look around. Create a new customer experience inside your aircraft. Colours will stir emotions. Creating emotions for a brand will undoubtedly conduct loyalty.


Pictures or even moving images projected onto aircraft cabin surfaces, in perfect harmony with state-of-the-art cabin illumination. A brand-new cabin ambience, unique and surprising – on every flight, to any destination. Relevant information, easily and conveniently displayed where passengers will notice it for sure. Projection Enabled Flight Experience (Dandelion™) offers endless possibilities to create an individual cabin ambience and to convey what matters – before, during and after flight.

Branding through projection also provides a whole range of choices. The cabinceiling, overhead compartments or partitions act as a screen on which static or moving images are projected, promoting the respective airline, the flight destination or individual products. In addition, cabin illumination can be adapted to create a unique ambience and profound effects.


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Digital Printing

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Projection Enabled Flight Experience

Dandelion™ creates immersive cabin design