Making branding an experience.

Attractive branding in aircraft cabins is playing an increasingly prominent role for airlines and OEMs. It turns the aircraft interior into an emotional space leaving a lasting impression on passengers and customers. Diehl Aerosystems enables comprehensive branding options with digital printing and projection.

Boosting Innovation.

Our research and development activities are the basis for ever-new concepts for optimizing not only technological performance but also the flight experience for passengers.

Covering topics from cabin to avionics, electronics, illumination, energy, safety and fire protection, its innovations have won Diehl Aerosystems the prominent Crystal Cabin Award four times.

Versatile in every detail.

As an established supplier for the aviation industry, Diehl Aerosystems provides a particularly comprehensive portfolio for cabin and cockpit.

When it comes to our core strengths such as floor-to-floor lining, cabin illumination, water & waste management and avionics, Diehl Aerosystems holds leading positions worldwide.